A Whole New Journey! : Ep.1 – The Minecraft Adventure

It’s here! The Minecraft Adventure! If you don’t already know, ever since I started this channel, I’ve always wanted to get my hands on PC Minecraft and do a survival Let’s Play. I of course have started one in the past, but that one ended shortly due to problems in real life. But here we are again, I am ready to work really hard on this world, share great memories, and make some of the coolest things possible in Minecraft!

Seed – Will be released soon

About me:
Age – 21
Race – Slime
Computer – Lenovo Y700
Microphone – Blue Yeti
Recording Program – OBS Studio
Started Youtube – March 3rd, 2012
First Video (Prepare to cringe haaaard) – https://youtu.be/Em406tpfANo
Why I’m a Slime – When I started my Youtube channel, I wanted to be a Minecraft Let’s Play Youtuber. Over the years, I didn’t really know what was original and not original, so when I started looking for a skin to represent my channel, I picked a Slime in a suit. I was a big iJevin fan at the time, so I had to go for the Slime! As more time passed, I started realizing how unoriginal the Slime in the suit skin was. So I decided to do a complete overhaul of my skin and give my Slime a navy colored adventure trench coat, black pants, brown boots, some goggles on my forehead, and a leather strap across my shoulder. I then fell in love with my skin!

Music used in this video:
Intro – Adventure Western Music – The Wild West https://youtu.be/VDPMAuv-3nk
Outro – Hoedown (Downloaded here) http://audionautix.com/index.php

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