"Advanced Mining" Marketplace Map Review/Showcase *CONTAINS SPOILERS!*

Hello & Welcome,
In this video I’m reviewing a BRAND new minecraft marketplace map called ” Advanced Mining” by Gamemode One.

Mine your heart out with AWESOME new machinery! Combine & refine new gems, metals, and materials! Customize your arsenal of vehicles and build an epic mining empire. Play alone or with friends!

– ALL NEW ores, gems, and items!
– Design and customize your destructive mining machines!
– A relaxing & rewarding experience!
– Custom world with characters, music, and mobs!

Link to see the Official Map:-
Gamemode One’s Discord:-
The In-Game Music:-

This is a fantastic map!
It really does show a very polished off map for the marketplace, I would highly recommend playing this friends/family.
As for the map itself, it definitely has it’s money worth that’s for sure, I mean I played it for about 4-5hrs & I still had abit to do after.
There are quite a few little secrets & easter eggs in this map also, but I didn’t want to show you them, you need to find them out for yourself.
So, all in all I rate this map 4.5/5 stars.
Hats off to the Gamemode One Team!

I hope that you found this little video useful, thanks very much for watching!

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