"Falling" – A Minecraft Music Video ♪

Falling – A Minecraft Music Video

The Netherbane are on the hunt for those who were turned into Nether kin. As Rain tries to use the situation to form an alliance, Stella runs to the Mystic Forest to find closure with the late End Dancer.

Song – Falling by Blacklite District:

Music produced by Young Kxge: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT9-rYuSVXMJszxHlrdsQBA

Directed and animated by Rainimator
Assistant animators:
DanoBadi https://twitter.com/DanoBadiMC
QCAnimations https://twitter.com/QCAnimations

Set designer:
CrossMight Arda https://twitter.com/CrossMight

Special thanks:
MrMichael https://twitter.com/michal121345
acorn https://twitter.com/acornanim
XEliteXCraftersX https://twitter.com/EliteX1XCrafter
Death https://twitter.com/kamatayanFX

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