Google Chrome Dinosaur Game in Minecraft! | Java 1.16.3+ Redstone Showcase

In this video, I show you my version of the Google Chrome “No Internet” T-Rex game in Minecraft. Enjoy!

πŸ“Œ Note: This build was created in and for the Java Edition of Minecraft. It does not work in the Bedrock Edition.

πŸ“« Discord Server:

πŸ—ΊοΈ World Download:
πŸ¦– Resource Pack (changes redstone lamps):

🎨 Redstone Resource Pack:
β€’ My resource pack is a combination of textures and files created by VanillaTweaks, metamilo, Beatso, CreativityShark and myself.
β€’ Learn more in my video about it:

βš™οΈ This video uses the G4mespeed mod by fellow redstoner G4me4u. It adds smoother piston animations and allows you to slow down the game. Find out more in his video:

⏰ Timestamps
β€’ 0:00 Introduction
β€’ 0:28 Features
β€’ 1:48 Download Infos
β€’ 2:04 Explanation – Overview
β€’ 2:38 Explanation – Display
β€’ 3:36 Explanation – Obstacle Generation
β€’ 5:54 Explanation – Increasing Difficulty
β€’ 7:27 Explanation – Dinosaur Mechanics
β€’ 8:31 Explanation – Circuit Combination
β€’ 9:20 Explanation – Collision Detection
β€’ 10:06 Explanation – Inputs
β€’ 10:32 Conclusion

🎡 Music:
β€’ MARION – Somewhere Behind
– Listen on YouTube:
– Stream & Download:
β€’ Harris Heller – StreamBeats
β€’ Stay Awhile and Listen
β€’ Phendrana Drifts
β€’ Big Blue
β€’ Clyde
β€’ Heroes Never Die
– Playlist Link: .

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