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Hey everyone! Today I’ll be showing you all how to jitter click (along with how I jitter click personally) and some tips for being able to play well while jittering! I highly recommend you watch the video but in case you want to read some of the important information to take away from this video, I’ll leave that here:

1) Jittering comes all from your arm/forearm. You aren’t using the muscles in your fingers to click fast, you are vibrating your fingers using your arm to be able to “jitter”.
2) Once you get the motion for it down, now you need a grip. Jittering will probably feel really weird and awkward at first, so it is fundamental to make sure you have a comfortable grip for yourself. There is no “best grip”. You have to find what works for you, and that varies for everyone. I showed off a few of the common grips, but you really should do a lot more experimenting with just those. Be creative and try what works for you, and if you need some inspiration, try watching handcams of other good players jittering, and see if you can somehow take that and make it into your own grip.
3) Learning how to jitter is like relearning how to aim with your mouse. It’s completely different from what you’re used to. Mess around with your sensitivity, try lowering it, and re-find your perfect sensitivity. You have to put the time into practicing to be able to get good at it.
4) Addressing concerns carpel tunnel and arthritis, I wouldn’t worry about it. If you jitter normally, it shouldn’t lead to any problems with your hand/arm. The soreness you get at first is from you exercising the muscles you use in your forearm, it’ll go away after some time. However, just like everything, if you overdo it, it can lead to issues. If you’re jackhammering your mouse 24/7, clicking absurdly faster than what you need to, and not giving your hand/arm any rests, don’t be surprised if problems start arising. You don’t need to jitter the very fastest you can for PvP; once you get above 10 or 12 anything above that is just diminishing returns. Use common sense for this one.

If you’re still having trouble getting the jittering motion down, here’s a reference I sorta came up with to try and help:

Everyone knows what shivering is, you do it when you’re cold, and you’re familiar with the feeling. Now try to force yourself to shiver. It doesn’t have to be exactly like it, but you should end up with you just vibrating your body. That’s essentially what the motion for jitter clicking is. You want to take that feeling and concentrate it in your arm, and feel it run down through your fingers. From there it’s just taking that and applying it to the buttons on your mouse.

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment!!! I read all my comments and I will do my best to try and help anyone still having trouble.

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