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Tidal: Loper And Rafael © ️ 2020

Lyrics and Voice: Ishida (https://www.instagram.com/ishidaofc/) e @flashbeatsmanow
Instrumental: Sidney Scaccio (https://www.instagram.com/sidneyscacciobeats/)
Mixing and Mastering: Sidney Scaccio (@sidneyscacciobeats) Visual Edition: Monstrinho Maluco (https://www.instagram.com/monstrinhomaluco/)

Letra Lopers and Rafael, We are the heroes of this place We have already overcome several monsters, Who can stop us? I am Herobrine the feared legend And just like a monster here I was judged Way in the dark I end up with players for all the revenge of my past I did the necessary not to find someone pareo Who is able to eliminate me For my revenge, I will take the hopes of all who try Face me Let’s protect this whole nation We will do it with our own hands Chorus ~ Your white eyes don’t frighten us Ha So let’s see who in the end will be left You are very weak and everything was in vain If you get in my way I bring the punishment And did they think it would be easy? I want to finish you off slowly Bringing dread, together with your pain All this terror will always be present At the end of the night feel the chill I’m watching you and you haven’t even seen Blood through your body I’m more powerful I’m listening to your heart racing Come with everything you have At nightfall, we wander, look, For a Herobrine who insists on haunting us He’s very evil, powerful and immortal Now against him, we’ll have to fight Chorus ~ His white eyes don’t scare us Ha So let’s see who end will be left You are very weak and everything was in vain If you get in my way everyone bring the punishment

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