Minecraft 1.16 Victorian House Tutorial – Vanilla Minecraft Second Empire House

Check out this easy Minecraft house tutorial. I have built this using the new Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update blocks and it looks amazing. This is my second Minecraft 1.16 Victorian house tutorial and i had a lot of fun making it for you guys. So let me know if you would like to see some more Minecraft house tutorials for Creative or easy survival builds.

In this build I have used a tonne of the new blocks added in the Nether update, these include;
Blackstone Bricks (For the roof tiles)
Blackstone Brick Slabs and Stairs
Quartz Bricks (for the foundation)

In this build I use the Debug Stick which is a vanilla cheat to allow me to open the Iron trap doors without red stone, if you are playing the game without access to such cheats you can replace all the iron trap doors with Birch or Jungle trapdoors.

►Video on how to use the Debug Stick – https://youtu.be/KDvB5WA8Dyg

I really enjoy building Victorian houses in Minecraft along with mansions and other types of buildings, so please check out the rest of my channel if you haven’t already and see my amazing Minecraft Victorian towns and cities.

Also comment below if you would like to see a minecraft Victorian house tour or even a minecraft Victorian house tutorial interior as i can have a go with these at a later date.

I have been lucky enough to use some pre release mods in this video such as Optifine and the Replay mod. if you are wanting to try these out then follow the links bellow to the correct websites

►Optifine https://optifine.net/home

►Optifabric https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/optifabric

►Fabric https://fabricmc.net/

►Replay Mod https://www.replaymod.com/

00:00 – Intro
01:03 – Foundation
05:04 – Ground Floor
13:00 – Porches
21:49 – 1st Floor
26:38 – The Roof
33:55 – The Tower
38:07 – The Roof
41:16 – Showcase

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Shaders used :

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