Minecraft 1.17 Mountain Update Is Not Confirmed! Mojang Corrects Release Date Info!

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The amazing kingbdogz Had this to say about the 1.17 update.
there’s no public, official plans of what the next update is/when it will release. That doesn’t mean it isn’t okay to speculate, but do try not to state things as fact until it’s been officially announced 😉

This was directed at @beta_mcpe1 after he said
Just to clarify for those that were talking rubbish about me on Reddit saying I’m making up lies about the Mountain Update releasing ‘this year’, it was actually confirmed by @jeb_ himself!

Which is correct. Jeb did the 1.17 will be out “Some time this year” but it’s not announced or confirmed. Going based off history we can guess that it will be release this holiday season. Of course things could change.
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