Minecraft Bedrock: Hostile MOB FARM! 7,000 Drops/Hour, With EXP! Village And Pillage Update

In this Bedrock Edition tutorial i show you how to build an amazing HOSTILE MOB FARM! This thing is crazy with over 7,000 drops/hour, 30 levels of EXP in about 6 minutes, and 20+ different drops you can get! Overall lovely farm, so i hope you enjoy! Share this tutorial around so others can know about these great mob farm! And thank you all so much for 100,000 subscribers! That’s so crazy! 😊💖

UPDATE: You need to use this trident killer on the farm now, 1.13 broke all old style trident killers:)

UPDATE 2: 1.16 has broken this type of farm due to despawning and spawning changes! New one coming soon!

What’s the next thing you want me to do? Let me know in the comments down below!

Get tridents fast! Build a drowned farm 😀

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Chunk border resource pack:


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MATERIALS LIST: For full(double) farm!
Lots of materials, but none of it is expensive stuff 😀

*~* means approximate materials

7,500~ blocks for roofs
7,500~ slabs for roofs
7000~ Solid blocks for spawn platforms
6,950~ glass for spawning platforms
6,200~ buttons (any kind)
5,500~ blocks for the water platforms
196~ buttons
150 packed ice
140 redstone
96 signs
48ish tridents(for all auto killers)
40 walls
36 light emitting blocks
34 magma blocks
19 repeaters
11 pressure plates
10 redstone torches
8 sticky pistons
4 fences
4 stairs
1 soul sand

hopper minecarts/hoppers/chests for storage
Locator map
infinite water source
looting 3 sword

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