MINECRAFT EDITION | Tweet for Tat (Funny Twitter Posts) ft. Aphmau

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MINECRAFT EDITION | Tweet for Tat (Funny Twitter Posts) ft. Aphmau
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🔷 What is this series?
Tweet for Tat (a play on Tit for Tat ha ha british british) a series where I find the weird and wonderful of the world of Twitter and either completely ruin it or sometimes by accident improve upon the already hilarious post)

🔷What is the channel?
Voice acting is the name of the game on TheDragonHat channel, join me in the adventures of Pip & Twitch (two characters I voice simaltaneously), Harrowed Past (backstory of Pip & Twitch told via a Minecraft RP) and just plain dumb fun times! We also dable in Dungeons and Dragons, comic dubs and some gaming sprinkled along the way.s

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