Minecraft Map Art – Survival Tutorial – Mac & PC

This tutorial video will guide you to make Map Art in Minecraft in your survival worlds. The biggest assistance is a program, developed by Redstonehelper, that can take any image and convert it to Minecraft blocks. So after learning how to run the program, you can simply import the file into Minecraft to create the Map Art in your survival world.

– Map item format –

– Reddit tool – https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/2yck3f/i_made_a_tool_to_help_you_create_map_art_in/

————Help command—————-
cd “$(dirname “$0″)”
java -jar MapConverter.jar –help

————Run command—————–
cd “$(dirname “$0″)”
java -jar MapConverter.jar “image.png” test1 –nodither

————Additional Help—————-

If all else fails, here’s a download for my completed version of the tutorial. This is a last resort for people that are having problems. Please don’t use this to bypass the tutorial as you’ll miss out on a lot of information.

11:31 People are having problems while running the script and finding their image.png file. Some things to try out.
1. Make sure all the files are in the same folder.
2. Make sure it’s a .png file. If it’s something else like a .jpg file, then change the script to “image.jpg”.
3. For some computers, it will hide the .png at the end of the file name. When you type in “image.png” It’s actually “image.png.png” Try taking off the .png that you’ve put into it.

20:47 If you are importing multiple maps using mcedit, uncheck [copy air]. This will allow you to import your schematic files right beside each other without them cutting each other off. Thanks Sean Wilson (Nosliw)

If you want some help with the building process, you can use a mod called Schematica. After running the program to convert your image, you can use the Schematica mod to copy the blocks and create a hologram in your survival worlds that show you where to place what blocks.
**Keep in mind that even tho you need forge to run the mod, this doesn’t mean your world has to be forge for the mod to work**

___If anybody makes map art using this tutorial, please share them with me. I always enjoy seeing other players creations : )

___I started making map art in Minecraft years ago and they have become my most popular videos on my channel. I’ve had a lot of people ask me for tutorials or assistance so that they can make map art too. This tutorial is not how I make my map art, as I make mine using Photoshop & creative mode, but it will be very useful for people that want to create map art in their survival worlds.
___The biggest problem with this method is understanding how to run the program. It’s not a fully complete program as it need to be ran using commands. Most people don’t know how to do this. Hopefully when everything is set up, the program is easy to operate to create the best possible map art you can think of.

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