Minecraft ps4 bedrock survival | making map art #6 0f 6

Welcome to the stream.i am a new streamer so ill get better over time..I try to talk to chat as much as I can.if you like the stream or want to see updates then like and subscribe and comment…goal is 1,000 subs 🙂 can we get that? I try to stay family friendly and not have cussing and stuff like that in my streams..anyways hope you enjoy and have fun 😛 thanks for stopping by..

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Plz note if you donate you will NOT pop up on screen and I wont see it till after the stream because I dont have a PC to be able to do that yet..but I will have a list in the description with top and recent donaters so plz add your youtube name in the donation so I can put you in recent donations to say thank you..saving for a PC and maybe a VR to start doing VR streams also..

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