Minecraft: Simple Redstone Teleporter (Tutorial)

In this video I will be showing you how to make a working ender pearl and redstone teleporter in Minecraft! This design is extremely simple, and takes only seconds to build, but it can be very useful to have in your world.

By pressing the button (you can also use a lever, pressure plate etc), the redstone torch is deactivated and the trapdoor closes. Once the ender pearl touches the trapdoor, you get immediately teleported to that location.

This would be useful for getting around your world, especially if there are distant places you want to go to. It would also be very useful if you play on a server with others, as your friend can drop the enderpearl and you can then teleport them instantly. This could save them from a dangerous situation, or it could save time if they’re very far away and need to get back.

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