Minecraft Tutorial – Efficient Mob Farm (Java Edition 1.14/1.15)

New and Improved Version of This Farm:

Remember, you will have to light up every spawnable location (dark area) at least by 100 block radius (128 recommended)!

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Efficient, Automatic and Expandable Mob Farm, with this you can get loads of gunpowder, bones and arrows.

4 ticks not 3 at (8:21).
Tested only on Minecraft Java Edition!

The optimal area to stand/AFK from the mob farm is at least 24 blocks away from the closest edge of the spawn platform, but within 128 blocks of the farthest edge.

Remember to light up the caves + roof of the farm!
You need to light up the caves by 128 block radius.

works in Minecraft Java Edition 1.13+, 1.14+ and 1.15+

If you are having problems with the mob spawning

1. check that water has not frozen
2. check that the redstone is working correctly
3.check that you have lit every cave at least 100 block radius (128 blocks recommended)
4.if you are not fond of lighting up the caves, make an AFK tower 100-120 blocks high from the ground. (Mobs in the caves do not spawn if you are 128 blocks away from them)


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