Minecraft Tutorial – Mob and XP Grinder/Farm (Java Edition 1.14/1.15)

A lot of you guys asked that if this mob farm could be turned in to a XP farm, the answer is yes 🙂
Tested only on Minecraft – Java Edition

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You need to light up the caves by 128 block radius.
You should stand at least 24 blocks away from the closest edge of the farm or the mobs wont spawn.

Works in Minecraft Java Edition 1.13+ and 1.14+
If you are having problems with the mob spawning:

1. check that water has not frozen
2. check that the redstone is working correctly
3.check that you have lit every cave at least 100 block radius (128 blocks recommended)
4. check that you are standing at least 24 blocks away from the closest edge of the spawn platform. (Mobs wont spawn if you are standing closer then 24 blocks from the spawn platform)

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