Minecraft Waterfall Modern House: How to build a Cool Modern House Tutorial

A house in Minecraft is a very common building idea but today’s house idea is a bit different, it features an interior waterfall instead of the normal walls and it is a modern house which makes it a perfect match

There are a lot of cool minecraft houses to build but I always prefer these modern ones, the video is short and to the point, it is a simple house tutorial and the house design is not complicated, very straight forward.

To replicate a modern house in minecraft you usually use normal quartz but I prefer the smooth one because it gives the impression of blocks fitting together better, so I use the smooth version for slabs and stairs as well. It is perfect for minecraft survival since this build is very easy to make and requires mainly quartz and some gray concrete.

This minecraft tutorial features a small modern house that is very easy to build and also teaches you how to build a house in minecraft

Credits to mimicraft for the design of the build
Modern Waterfall Walls House Tutorial | How to Build in Minecraft #2

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