Minewind castle, farewell dawn

audio fixed*

in this castle fed defends against save and eld, and we unfortunately say our farewells to an old player, Dawnart. you will be missed Dawn, gg.


server: Minewind
ip: play.Minewind.com

music was gotten from two albums from animals as leaders, a really good band that i have been falling in love with,
go check them and support them out really good stuff
links to the music:
https://youtu.be/_EjVmT-D3KM and,

minewind is an 18+ anarchy server with no rules aside from no hacking and no spamming. burn grief raid and befriend other players and do whatever.
this server has multiple plugins and rare treasures to discover and use along your journeys. currently there are five different servers to choose from,
arch throne era azure and sun. the server that most of these videos will be showing is era.

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