Minewind How To #10 – Netherite

Today I talk about all things netherite: How to find, how to use, and how to upgrade your existing diamond armor. I was really hyped that 1.16 came out so quick but I really hope minewind gets some new items or events or something, but I wholely doubt it’s gonna happen. That’s all I wanted to say now… k thx bai

=Music (Beginning of Vid) (My own remix)- Originally made by Mr Gibbs, big inspiration to me – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkki
(Also Pigstep)

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Welcome to Minewind Anarchy Survival Server, a 1.16 minecraft server played on by players worldwide. Minewind is a 1.16.1 semi-vanilla server with an extended endgame and some serverside mods. Minewind is a lot like 2b2t, but without hacks
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