Minewind Quest For The Best (Mysteltainn) – Episode #1

Hey guys so this video took me a little longer than expected but I would like to make videos of this quality from now on. If you guys enjoyed then leave a like down below. Message me your comment for next video and give me your video ideas! I’ll gladly make a one off of most anything.

=Music (Beginning of Vid) (My own remix)- Originally made by Mr Gibbs, big inspiration to me – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkki
=Music (Middle of Vid) – bensound.com
=Music (Outro) – Sky_p1 by Qutaro, all around cool guy

Hey guys hope you enjoyed, leave a like if you did!
If you guys have any ideas please leave them in the comments down below.
Welcome to Minewind Anarchy Survival Server, a 1.15 minecraft server played on by players worldwide. Minewind is a 1.15.2 semi-vanilla server with an extended endgame and some serverside mods. Minewind is like 2b2t with no hacks.

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