Mob Farm Tutorial Minecraft Bedrock Edition MCPE, MCBE, XBOX ONE

Welcome back to another Minecraft Bedrock Edition Tutorial. Today I
go over a Bedrock Edition Mob Farm.

Now mob farms on bedrock edition can be quite tricky as there are many things to consider.. from density checks to global mob caps. Not only that you need to consider doing perimeters because the despawning in bedrock edition aka mcbe just isn’t that great atm. So is it possible yes 100%…

It may not be the best out there but it can be made to work with really good drop rates. So today I go over a lot of the mechanics on how and why they work and hopefully you will be able to make your own after you get some of this information.

I go over a one chunk design and well as cover the one that Foxynotail and I built on Season 1 of Truly Bedrock. I also showoff the one that was build on my Patreon Bedrock edition server as well.

At this time this is the closest you can get to a creeper farm on bedrock edition for now.

That being said I hope you enjoy today’s tutorial / showcase / guide.

Chunk Viewer

Xray Pack

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