PREVIEW: Exploring New Cave Update IN GAME (Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs)

We’ve got a sneak preview of the new Minecraft 1.17 caves and cliffs update! We’re in game checking out the new cave update features.

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► New Cave Generation!: Explore underground caverns with your Elytra or take a boat through an underwater lake. There are waterfalls as well!
► 3 New Cave Biomes!
► Lush Caves can be accessed by a special tree in the overworld. This biome is filled with green decoration blocks, glow berries and leaf platforms!
► Dripstone Caves featuring stalagmites and stalactites! But be careful, they may fall down and hurt you! And don’t fall on them either… On the plus side they drip water and can fill your cauldrons!
► The mysterious 3rd cave biome features a scary mob known as “The Warden”. This mob can detect vibrations. Move too much and they WILL FIND YOU!
► 3 New Mobs! We already discussed the Warden but we also have Axolotl’s! Small creatures that spawn in the Lush Caves biome that will aid you in battle. They may even heal you if they like you. You can also carry them around in buckets!
► The 3rd mob is Goats! They jump around in the new and improved Mountain Biomes featuring Snowier Snow! But be careful… Look at them the wrong way and they might send you flying!
► 2 New Ores!? More things for you to dig…
► Copper can be used to craft the Lightning Rod! It will keep your home safe from lightning! The Copper Blocks also have 4 different states as it erodes from Copper Orange to Copper Green!
► Amethysts can be found in underground Geodes! The Amethyst Crystal plant can ONLY be grown in these Geodes making them harder to farm! You can use Amethysts and Copper to craft the Telescope giving you an Optifine style Zoom!
► Like digging? There is also an Archeology system! Use the new Brush item to collect artefacts! But be careful… They are fragile! If you collect enough ceramic pieces you can decorate clay pots however you like!
► With all these new items, there is a new way to store them… Bundles! They let you store more resources in a single space! Now your 32 diorite and 32 granite can rest in one space!

PREVIEW: Exploring New Cave Update IN GAME (Minecraft 1.17)

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