PvP Tutorial (FINAL) WTap + Crit Jumping + Jitter / Butterfly Clicking ~ How To Be The Best @ PvP #3

Pack ~ https://www.mediafire.com/file/h6owu5ikl77m1oz/SwaumP_Mash.rar/file

Hey guys, so I made a better PvP Tutorial video, I think I explained things a lot better. You guys should watch the other PvP Tutorial videos as well. This is the last episode of the series.

5:09 meant to say input would be more accurate
Pro PvP Gamer right here!11!11 If they had a Minecraft League that would be so cool, like full of pros and different gamemodes. Hypixel would probably be the one to do that if it would ever happen. Then casual players would see how competitive pvp is.
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