Starter Mob Farm – Legacy SMP #8 (Multiplayer Let’s Play) | Minecraft 1.15

Now that we can fly we need to start production of our own rockets! We’ve been buying them from Pearl so far but that will cost us a lot of diamonds over time. Today we’ll build my own design of a simple hostile mob grinder for the gunpowder in particular but the other drops will come in handy too… we can sell them to the other members of the server! With this mob farm will be getting drops from creepers, spiders, zombies and skeletons.

★ Shulker Box Loader by @ilmango
★ Item Unloader by @ilmango

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Here are the quality of life mods I use to help improve the experience for viewers:

★ MiniHud (Custom Debug Screen, Spawn Sphere and Shulker Viewer):
★ Litematica (Hologram Build Plan):
★ ReplayMod (Timelaspe camera):

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★ Sky Scraper by Geographer (via YouTube Audio Library)
★ Atmospheria by Francis Preve (via YouTube Audio Library)
★ Deep Hat by Vibe Tracks (via YouTube Audio Library)
★ Airline by Geographer (via YouTube Audio Library) .

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