Tiny Footprints – Trailer (Minecraft Texture Pack)

Tiny Footprints is your world but cuter! Feel at home with this low-resolution pack filled with adorable animals and delightfully dainty blocks. Fill your world with bold, colorful, vibrant blocks and crystal clear water.

+Includes Village & Pillage textures
+Custom font and UI
+Faithful to Vanilla
+8×8 items and cute animals
+Ravager, Wandering Trader, shields & more!

Now available on any Minecraft edition with the Better Together update! Find it on the Minecraft Marketplace: https://noxcrew.com/tinyfoot

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We’re giving away the matching Alex and Steve skins for free! Click the link to download them for Bedrock AND Java: http://bit.ly/tinyfootskinsfree .

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