"Trapped in a Nightmare" Song by NEFFEX | Minecraft Original Animated Music Video | TLS – Episode 4B

The Last Soul Episode 4B is out! WOOHOO! Huge huge thank you to the animators that helped me out, you should like, go sub to them all, they are amazing 😀 Sub to them Or I’ll hunt you down.. I’m kidding! xD Anyway hope you enjoyed this episode and we will all see you in Part 5 🙂

The story is pinned in comments if ya wanna take a read of it 😀

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Trapped in a Nightmare by NEFFEX:

Mine-mator {Animating & Thumbnail}
Photoshop {Thumbnail}
After Effects {Putting parts together & editing}

Michael (My Boyfriend) – Editing
DuskStarShine – Koyomi’s Portal

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