Trying to Speedrun Redstone in Minecraft


I have been watching game speedruns lately – Started with Wii sports resort golf speedrun, then onto Minecraft speedrun world record runs. I am the slowest minecraft player in the world, so there’s no way I could compete with the proper Minecraft speedrunners… WHICH IS WHY I MADE MY OWN SPEEDRUN! THE REDSTONE SPEEDRUN CHALLENGE!

World download:

– Must build and active all of the redstone contraptions, and show them functioning. (They need to be activated during the run, but can be shown to be working afterwards. After giving it some thought, showing it fully working during the run is a silly rule)
– Can use any blocks/any designs. No command blocks/structure blocks are allowed though.
– Timer starts from the first interaction (e.g block breaking, block placing)
– Timer stops on the activation of the final redstone contraption.

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