Tutorial Making Garage Doors – Minecraft (redstone tutorial) No mod and command blocks

#minecraft #redstone #tutorial #mcpe Hello everyone, see you again at the Aoneza Elytra channel, so this time I will give you a new video tutorial on the Minecraft game that can inspire friends in decorating buildings in the Minecraft game and Minecraft pocket edition. This video is part of a redstone tutorial, where this time I made a tutorial on making a garage door or gate, using items such as sticky pistons, redstone torch, redstone dust, slime blocks and others. How to make it very easy, friends, you can see in this video tutorial. Enjoy watching all my friends, and if you like this Minecraft game tutorial video, if you wish, click the like button. Subscribe for free to find out the latest video notifications: https://www.youtube.com/c/aonezaelytra?sub_confirmation=1

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