Tutorial to make an infinity bridge version 2 – minecraft (redstone tutorial)

#tutorialredstone #minecraft #j Bridgesotomatis ** Warning … only works on minecraft 1.15 and above or with honey block items ** Hello everyone, see you again on the Aoneza Elytra channel, so this time I will provide a new video tutorial on the Minecraft game . This video is part of a redstone tutorial, where this time I made a tutorial to make a bridge that is infinite in length and this is a continuation video from the previous video with the same topic, you can see it at the following link https://youtu.be/BpsB_zvrWRQ,

but in this video it’s easier and more complete than the previous video tutorial on making an infinity bridge, because now we can adjust the width to our liking and of course it’s still infinity. Enjoy watching the video tutorial to make this automatic bridge, my friends, and if you like the video tutorial for this Minecraft game, if you want to click the like button or there is a comment, please comment below regarding this Minecraft tutorial video, yes .. Subscribe for free for know the latest video notifications: https://www.youtube.com/c/aonezaelytra?sub_confirmation=1
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