Was the GLOW SQUID the Right Choice? | Minecraft 1.17 Mob Vote

Was the GLOW SQUID the right choice? | Minecraft 1.17 Mob Vote
Was Dream right to vote Glow Squid? Or was AntVenom’s iceologer best?
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Welcome back to Kweebec Corner, today we discuss Minecraft and it’s latest live event which saw a brand new mob vote. The Minecraft Live 2020 Mob vote saw a large debate though – between huge creators like Captain Sparklez, AntVenom, MrBeast and Dream – but out of the Moobloom, Iceologer, and Glow Squid, was the latter the correct choice? And why do long time veterans of the game like SalC1, MumboJumbo, InTheLittleWood and many more disagree? The Minecraft Caves and Cliffs gameplay footage is causing a riot, but this vote has caused a war!

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Minecraft is a survival sandbox game that we all know and love. We cherish Minecraft, but do we know why? let’s take a look at not just Minecraft as a game, but Minecraft as a platform, and how it has evolved over the decade while exposed to YouTube. Enjoy The Entire History Of Minecraft On YouTube.

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